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Vera Alexander

Contemporary Fiction

A Novella

Bandile is part of a loving extended family consisting of Mom and Dad, Uncle Lunga and Aunt Patience. The small family have worked hard to enable them to move from a dusty hut in a township to a modest home in a quiet suburb near Durban.

He is just like any other boy. He loves TV, Soccer, Music and Dancing. To make the time pass during his chores he dreams of success as an entertainer.

He has just turned twelve. Just before he is due to start his final year in Primary (Junior High) School something happens, and in one moment it seems as if all his dreams have been swept away. The story follows Bandile through his struggle to adapt to the changes in his lifestyle.

This book is a story of perseverance and courage all wrapped up in a stubborn, joyous optimism uncluttered by cheap sentimentality and will be enjoyed by wide audience. (Published in 2013)

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Contemporary Novels

Sharon comes from a small seaside village on KwaZulu Natal’s South Coast. While she was at college her art portfolio helped her get a job with a prestigious Johannesburg publishing house. Sharon was excited to have a place to stay with her best friend Julia who had relocated a few years earlier. The two girls hit the uptown social scene and Sharon attracts the attention of Simon - a wordly-wise, smooth talking man who is used to getting his way where girls are concerned.

Simon tries every trick in the book to break through Sharon’s innocence. What follows has unpleasant consequences for Sharon’s peace of mind.

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The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones
Chinese proverb

A person consists of three entities – the physical body, the brain and what is called the soul. This “soul” defines a person for what they are, what they will achieve and what they will become.

When a person lies in a coma, their body occupies space on a hospital bed. Doctors feel that their brains are active and can respond to outside stimuli so family is encouraged to talk to them.

But what of their soul? We know there is an inner life source. Scientists have taken photographs of the moment of death when the “electricity” in the body departs, when the life essence leaves the body. So what happens to this life essence when a person lies in a coma? What does it do? Where does it go? What does it experience?

Angela’s body lies in a hospital bed. She is in a coma. This novella explores the possible journey of her soul.

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